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Watersheds within Watersheds

Within each main watershed are many sub-watersheds, which in turn have their own sub-watersheds. The Mackenzie River has six main sub-watersheds, including the Peace and the Slave rivers. Within the Mighty Peace watershed are several major sub-watersheds, five of which are within Alberta. Three of them, the Upper, Central and Lower Peace sub-watersheds, all lie along the mainstem of the Peace. Two others are named for rivers that flow into the Peace, the Smoky/Wapiti and the Wabasca. The Slave River watershed, which adjoins the northern part of the Mighty Peace watershed, is a sub-watershed of the Great Slave River, but a portion lies within Alberta and is considered part of the Peace River watershed for the purposes of watershed planning. Together they are often referred to as the Mighty Peace watershed, which covers a total area of 208,834 km2.

The Mackenzie Watershed

Mackenzie Watershed